Innovative OER in European HE

Project: Innovative OER in European HE
Short name: OER-HE
Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme, ERASMUS
HOU Coordinator: Michalis Xenos, Professor HOU
Start Date: 01/9/2009
End Date: 31/08/2011

EADTU sustains its OER strategies in lifelong open and flexible learning by grant contribution of the European Commission for the project: Innovative OER in European HE (OER HE). A Consortium of eleven European partners has teamed up to extend the achievements on Open Educational Resources (OER) as initially launched under the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grants.

Previously EADTU had been working on OER strategies in lifelong open and flexible learning by means of the EADTU task force on Multilingual Open Resources for Independent Learning (MORIL). This task force contained all the European Open Universities of EADTU, and was active in promoting online learning in two modes - informal and formal - both based on OER, so as to provide new gateways to university education.

A strong conceptual basis for OER in Europe is created with links to social learning and constructive learning with peers. But still a lot has to be realised in line with the innovation cycle in successive phases of awareness raising, strategy building - institutional frameworks, pedagogic models, business cooperation, and pilot experiments. All individual efforts of the EADTU members are to be consolidated under one prospective portal pointing to member OER repositories. EADTU is now able to sustain this work by grant of the European Commission: OER HE.

The OER HE project is able to valorise the members' practices with regard to the development of OER: pilot studies will be conducted into areas where OER functionalities can be achieved. For that matter, OER HE distinguishes a selection of  five study work packages:

  1. OER widening participation (best practice test beds)
  2. OER multi campus (associations' stakeholder sessions)
  3. OER internationalisation (manuals)
  4. Quality in OER (criteria for OER)
  5. A European OER portal (accessible open courses)