E-XCELLENCE in a National, European and World perspective (NEXT)


Project: E-XCELLENCE in a National, European and World perspective (NEXT)
Short name: NEXT
Programme: Lifelong Learning ProgrammeDissemination and Exploitation of Results and Exchange of Good Practice
HOU CoordinatorMichalis Xenos, Professor HOU
Start Date: 01-11-2010
End Date: 31-10-2012
URL: http://www.eadtu.eu/e-xcellencenext



The project called «E-xcellence NEXT» aims to produce and develop appropriate tools and practices for quality control in distance education environments. The project E-xcellence NEXT, aims to develop and expand partnerships at European and World level. Alongside the project includes the further dissemination of practical tools and open source are obtained. The aim of this project is to involve institutions of higher education and quality assurance principles by organizing local seminars. Moreover, in the course of the work tools and practices evolve, enriched and improved in accordance with its practical experience and develop skills.

Role of HOU: Hellenic Open University apart from participation in working groups and meetings provided for the project, will also organize and host a local seminar on evaluation and measurement of quality of educational practices and outcomes that apply. While going to provide comments and experience to improve existing practices and tools. Finally Hellenic Open University is actively involved in disseminating the project objectives and results.